Andrew Lee's photographs of buildings, interiors and exhibitions document and celebrate the achievements of their architects and designers. With over twenty years of experience in the field, Andrew understands his clients' particular requirements and preferences, and appreciates the ideas and principles that underlie their work.

He is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art's Fine Art Photography Department.


Commissions are agreed in detail in advance with reference to plans, visualisations, progress shots and, whenever possible, after a site visit. Objectives, opportunities and constraints are discussed, and a definitive shot list is identified before any photographs are taken.

For each photograph, the camera typically remains in place for one to two hours, allowing elements of the scene to be recorded at different times. During post-production, these elements are edited and reassembled to present the viewer with an "extended moment" in the life of the subject.


Andrew Lee is one of very few photographers in the world that uses a medium-format digital view camera on location. The Linhof 679cs technical camera with full movements and large-image-circle Rodenstock and Schneider lenses allow all optical corrections to be done in-camera.

Photographs are captured by a 60MP Phase One IQ160 digital back and assessed on location at full resolution on a tethered MacBook Pro. Lens cast correction and RAW conversion is achieved using Capture One software.


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